Friday, January 30, 2009

getting crafty

I made aprons! This summer while cleaning out my Mimi's sewing room, I found a vintage apron pattern and immediately wanted to make one. After picking out the designs from all the old vintage ribbon, ric rac and fabric lying around, I made these a couple of months later. They are so fun and I love wearing them while I cook! I had a friend over the other evening and she loved the fun look. You know, that's who I am. I love old things like that... I love vintage items and even hope to make a lot of my own clothes once we return to the states. Mainly because there is a lot of fabric waiting around for me at my mom's house from my Mimi's old sewing room. If you didn't know about my obsession with old and antique things, now you do! I'm a sucker for scraps that others would throw away. Everything can be used and recycled to make something more useful.

I made some for my sisters too :)


Anonymous said...

Mine is the cutest EVER! I love you, Mol!

Do you have a sewing machine at home?!


Anonymous said...

did you make one for thad dawg?

Ashley said...

I am totally LOVING your aprons! I recently made one for myself! Yours are super cute, though. I've been looking for vintage dress patterns online lately. I have not been successful at finding what I'm looking for but I'm such a sucker for all things 60's.

Thank you for letting Bryan & co. stay with you guys in a couple weeks! That's so nice of you! I'm jealous that I'm not getting to come, but it will be so fun for him!