Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Photography by Thad

his guitar

self portrait

cooking pot on stove

reflection of the artist's legs in the oven door

Well, when we downloaded the most recent photos off the camera, we found some odd pictures and the culprit who took them.



Jones Family said...

I do believe you have a photographer on your hands!

TheLittons said...

haha thats funny!!

phil and shell said...

how funny! and adorable...

miss ya,


Ashley said...

He has a great eye for composition! :)
There is a movie called "the red light district" (i think). An english artist went to the red light district in India and gave a group of children disposable cameras. The images that the kids brought back were amazing! It's so neat to see the world through the eyes of children!

The Correspondent said...

Great photos, Thad!

And Thomas and/or Mollie: I tagged you for the six word memoir, if you want to play (no pressure).

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