Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We're Back

You're probably wondering why you are seeing a Taco Bell logo on our blog.
Let me tell you a story.
We've been back in Vienna for over a week now but actually arrived a day later than scheduled because we missed our flight from Washington DC to Vienna thanks to a ground stop. After spending 3 1/2 hours waiting in line I found out that the airline wasn't going to put us in a hotel. This was slightly disheartening. Mollie, having spent the time taking care of two little boys, by this point was bordering on insane.
God took care of us through the aid of a stewardess who had noticed Mollie's plight and had been helping her with the kids. I let her know that the airline wasn't going to help us and she immediately made one of the United Reps give us hotel vouchers. It was awesome. Sometimes God uses the most random people to bless you.
We finally made it to the Dulles Holiday Inn and unloaded everything. All was well. Except for the fact that we hadn't eaten since around 3:00 and it was now 11:30 and of course the hotel restaurant was now closed.
Being the gracious provider that I am, I set out on foot in search of food for my starving family. Burger King and McDonald's were closed but just around the corner shining with a neon brilliance that would've rivaled the Las Vegas strip was a Taco Bell. Two Mexican Pizzas, 3 soft tacos, and 3 regular tacos later all were all stuffed and soon asleep.
Our flight to Vienna went off without a hitch and we arrived early on Sunday morning. It was 65 degrees when we landed for all of you in Mississippi. :-)


Leckerbissen Meister said...

I was hoping you were going to announce that they had opened a Taco Bell ab Wien. That would be so leckerbissen and a reason for me to come back and reteach you how to be a good mentee.

B&B_Reynolds_VCS_Missionaries said...

Thats a great story Thomas. God is amazing like that. I agree with leckerbissen boy that it would be reason for him to come back if they opened a taco bell in Wien. We can only dream can't we? :)